Integrated Knowledge Dynamics

Company Brief :
IKD, established in 2004, was founded to cater to the global and local need for integrated online solutions and provide a complete content management solutions for Web Portals and Enterprises.
IKD is dedicated to implementing its strategy geared towards growth and strengthening its position in the local and regional market.
IKD offers timely, high-quality and integrated Innovative solutions to our customers wherever they are.
Products & Services :
1 - Enterprise Content Management Solutions,
2 - Web Portal and Website Design
3 - E-Correspondence System
4 - Chamber of Commerce Smart Suite
5 - Newspaper Editorial System Suite
6 - Mobile Application Development
7 - Cisco Wifi Portal Solution
8 - Consultation (Outsourced CIOs, IT Strategy, Information Architecture)
9 - Training and Business Transformation
10 - OEM Licensing and Rebranding

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Integrated Knowledge Dynamics