Telecom Cluster

Telecom Cluster is built on a firm foundation of sound business practice and healthy profitability. We seek Innovation in what we build, Smart and Reliable in every solution we make and high commitment to Quality in everything we do.

In Telecom Cluster, we are committed to continuously outperforming ourselves by introducing best-in-industry practices and platforms. And utilize the available technologies to create "sustainable" Network & IT solutions that cover our client’s requirements, and ensure scalability and future cost savings.

In Telecom Cluster we provides turnkey project management and implementation of all your infrastructure and CCTV solutions, we are based in Egypt. but we do extend our services to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates and othere Gulf countries And African countries, The Corporation was established in 2009. Carrying over 15 years of knowledge And business experience with multinational background.

Telecom Cluster represents a number of Key players manufactures in the field of technology and commination sector. And have implemented solutions for clients in the medical, legal, manufacture and education sectors.

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Telecom Cluster