CompuMedical established since 1992, and has a clear vision to be among the leaders in providing organizations in the ME and Africa with state of the art Healthcare IT Solutions and implementation services that leverages their efficiency and effectiveness. Our brand Rx-Care “Health Care IT Solutions" provides integrated solutions for Hospitals up to 1000 beds, Medical centers, Radiology centers, Laboratories, Clinics, Pharmacies and drug stores. Rx-Care Health Care IT Solutions ware implemented at more than 5000 health care facilities in the ME and Africa area.


  • Rx-Care-HMIS: Hospital Management Information System
  • Rx-Care-PHIS: Pharmacies & Drug Stores Information System
  • Rx-Care Drug Directory “Encyclopedia in a Pocket”
  • e-Green-Rx: Electronic Green Prescription
  • Rx-Care-EMR: Patients Electronic Medical Record
  • Rx-Care On Line Medical Services Reservation and Patients Appointment
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Address: 26 ali amen st