A coordination management system specially designed by engineering and construction professionals for the construction industry .
ProCoor was established in 2000 in Cairo by an experienced team of entrepreneurs. Since then has rapidly become one of the fastest growing providers of web-based engineering solutions in the Middle East. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding level of customer commitment and customer service for all our customers. As a Middle East based company, with our engineering team working alongside our support team, we are on hand to respond quickly and efficiently to any questions. ProCoor philosophy is to create a system that revolutionizes the way construction and engineering professionals coordinate their work. Our clients can feel assured that the entire design-bid-construction process is completely efficient. Because seamless communication is one of our main features, every person involved in a project has an immediate access to any document. All participants are able to view the same documents and can easily exchange ideas .
In order to set ProCoor apart from other project management software, we excluded features unnecessary in construction industry and created new, more efficient ones. The end product is ProCoor, a coordination management system specifically designed by engineering and construction professionals for the construction industry. Because ProCoor is designed for small, mid-size and even large organizations, we removed in its design the traditional need of maintaining hardware and installing and supporting software . ProCoor can streamline your whole business, increasing productivity and performance through efficiency gains. Not only can our applications help track key business information but they’ll improve your service quality and reduce your operational costs.
ProCoor is both highly sophisticated in its capabilities and amazingly easy to use. There are no installations or time-consuming downloads, so as long as you have internet access you can log on to your account anytime through the ProCoor’s web site. Once you have access to ProCoor, you can add as many users or projects as you need. You and the users you’ve added can upload, view, and comment on all documents entered into the system. So you can collaborate across time zones and communicate without barriers .

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