Sgec Group

• product
we are a training organization specialized in engineering technical training for individuals and SME’s “Small and Medium bought Enterprise”

• Benefit  
Improve production Quality.
Provide more jobs for technicians.
we already make link between university & Industry.

• Competitors
We have a leakage in This kind of training in Egypt and also in middle east.

• Our Mission
We provide a high quality training and education services, together with consultancy services to several customers operating in various Engineering professional fields. These services are targeting businesses with certain level of proficiency matching the continuous development.

• Our Target
we prepare a high qualified Engineers in different engineering branches in order to meet market needs.

• Goals
Develop the abilities and awareness of the trainees.
Improve the performance of the trainees.
Enhance the knowledge and skills of the trainees.
Build the concept of team work.
Focus on the needs of the labor market in Egypt and the world.

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Sgec Group