GNSE Group

GNSE Group ( was founded in 2001 and is a part of the Mansour Group (, Egypt’s largest privately-owned business conglomerate.

The Mansour Group is one of Egypt’s foremost conglomerates which represents and/or partners with respected multinational firms like General Motors, Caterpillar, Philip Morris, McDonald’s, IBM, HP, Compaq and UPS, among others.

GNSE Group is currently employing 100s of members, 45% women, and acting with social and community sustainable responsibility in a professional environment.

When it comes to securing your information, applications, and network, there is only one destination to go to: GNSE Group. We identify the vulnerability of your IT systems; offer the best integrated e-security solution and supporting services. With E-security Services portfolio, we serve the Telecom, Oil & Gaz, and Financial Market segments which appreciate the integration and quality of our services from assessment, design, implementation and support SLAs as best performer first choice.

Continuous specialization training and knowledge transfer take place with our e-security products vendors to maintain the leadership in providing the most advanced quality service. When it comes to widely distributed, flexible, cost controlled interactive training, GNSE Group offers the best e-Training solution that answers your exact requirements.

With E-Learning Content Authoring and Serious Gaming we supply all services type organizations (Finance, Oil & Gaz, Utilities, Industrial, Legal, Education, etc…) which appreciate the professional quality of our Instructional Designs, Scripts, Animation and simulation creativity meeting the ultimate satisfaction of the end users and achieving the HR/pedagogical learning objectives. Our references are famous international organizations and VARs with very rigorous choice criteria.

With E-solutions Development (Portal/CMS/ Apps) portfolio, our clientele is mainly international organizations, top 100 companies, major Government ministries & utilities providers. With CMMi quality approach, PMI Certified project Managers &road map, we exceed our clients’ expectations.

With hundreds of international references, our B2B and B2C portals experience will support your business growth strategy with innovative, professional solutions.

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GNSE Group