Esri NeA

Esri NeA is the first Esri branded Company in the Middle East and Africa. Esri NeA has managed to maintain its superiority over the years achieving a prominent regional and international position, through its commitment to excellence in the field of GIS application development and consultation services. All Esri NeA services and solutions are designed on a world class level to meet the needs of our diverse user community and to assist customers in successfully achieving their GIS goals. We have a broad range of experience that enables us to offer our customers the most efficient consulting, implementation and solutions support. Esri NeA Professional Services employ the latest GIS techniques and tools to provide effective solutions and support to a broad range of user organizations in various sectors throughout the world. Services range from short-term implementation support, to the delivery of strategic corporate GIS databases and turn-key, mission-critical applications.

Business Consultancy at Esri NeA mainly deals with supporting our customers in terms of needs assessment, strategic thinking and planning for GIS needs, in addition to managing GIS implementation and the resulting change that occurs within the enterprise.

As part of our ongoing mission to enhance and build on our expertise, Esri NeA focuses on presenting its customers with solution frameworks that target certain industries, and require minimal customization, and very little deployment time. Our solution frameworks are built on top of Esri software, and combine our extensive expertise in providing GIS solutions in that field, as well as endless libraries of components which have previously been used and tested in several previously implemented successful projects.

We also provide a wide range of training programs tailored to meet various GIS users such as planners, managers, students, or just interested individuals aiming to learn more about GIS. All training courses provided by Esri NeA are taught by our own Esri certified instructors who are with a total experience of more than 50 years in the field of GIS.

Esri NeA’s Data Center provides regional market leadership in the field of geospatial data. To help you leverage your GIS solution and enhance its performance to your maximum benefit, our Data center offers you different types of data in different formats to meet your various business needs through our.

What differentiates Esri NeA and makes it unique is its exceptional down to earth experience combined with a distinct perspective directed to customer success. Esri NeA implementations are characterized by an enterprise nationwide perspective, solid system development methodology that is supported with a formal project management system, in addition to a staff having a wealth of real accumulated experience.

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Esri NeA