BAG Soft

Company is the Consultative Group for the Analysis of Business Systems one of the largest and most prestigious institutions, the Arab leader in the field of information technology and analysis of business systems and the transition to e-business and design sites on the Internet and is done through the company's presence in Cairo and in Saudi Arabia and in the Arab world and since 1994.

Company is characterized by the Consultative Group to possess young cadres qualified to provide the technology to the needs of the Egyptian and Arab market through the services offered by the major institutions and of the most important of these institutions:

(The stock market, and in Saudi Arabia under the name of Orchard solutions partner for global services, Umrah and Hajj (the door of pilgrimage) in the design and production management software operations of the organizations of Umrah in the Kingdom along with many applications in other fields, and the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, the Sudanese embassy in Cairo , Egyptian-Saudi Company for Tourism Investment (Time Share), the shipping company Maersk ...) and other institutions that give background about the size of the work of the group with various bodies and organizations

And have produced a group many of the systems produced by the aim of achieving the transition to e-business in various fields and activities, and from these systems produced (global system for the management of schools, the overall management cost centers and general accounts, the overall management of factories, destruction of transport and shipping, Comprehensive control stores ....) and many other systems in various areas and aims of these systems specifically designed for trading companies to internal business more easily and mastery mm reduces the proportion of wasted time and money

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BAG Soft