Developers for Training and Consultancy

Developers for Training and Consultancy (DTC) is a leading regional professional firm that applies and promotes for international professional standards and best-practices in business management, corporate finance, governance, control, and risk management.

Established in Cairo, Egypt in 2008, DTC has business and professional networks in UK, USA, Gulf region, Lebanon, Sudan, and Libya. DTC is engaged in the provision of a wide integrated and comprehensive range of professional consulting and training services to businesses and professionals in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

Our strength is driven from our full understanding of local business requirements in MENA Region countries in addition to our association with leading international consulting and training organizations in USA and UK to introduce, adapt, apply and promote international standards and best practices that enable our clients to face, mitigate and effectively manage their business challenges, opportunities, and risks.

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Developers for Training and Consultancy