Technomax Egypt LLC (TME) is a private independent Egyptian management company that understands how to maximize business growth. Resourcefulness and our original approach to business development ends up with results. We can provide a virtual project development team, evaluating resources or opportunities, locating partners or staff, finding sites or customers, seeking grants or permits, monitoring progress or managing processes for emerging ideas in the oil & gas, industrial and renewable energy fields.

Understanding our business partner’s goal is a key. TME’s ambition is to optimize that goal through understanding of business development. We recognize the importance of providing a full service and therefore routinely work with other organizations and consultants to provide the best team for our business partners.

Our personal and professional experience and expertise means that we understand the different pressures and operating challenges of the investment, private and voluntary and community sectors which will provide you with clarity, inspiration, confidence and the ability to achieve your goals with remarkable results.

Our ideas in different fields and the development of partnerships with public and private enterprises are the result of our extensive experience and commitment to offer high quality business relationships.

We are experienced in “Bringing Ideas to Reality” through Innovative Ideas, Experience and Business Relationships.

Email: [email protected]