Minimax is a leading software company specialized in providing IT services and system solutions for economical and services institutions. MiniMax Software Solutions applies most recent technologies to provide best services through its high qualified development team which makes MiniMax able to provide best services to its clients and has many Quality Cerificates like CMMI II – SPI – ISO - TSP


  • Software Development
    MiniMax has created several models and frameworks which aim to support rapid application development methodology, requirements maintainability and tractability, code usability and multi-language. MiniMax applies restricted quality assurance rules and quality control methodologies to assure maximum quality of products
  • Web Portals Design / Development
    Our experienced web designers and developers are able to bring innovative and creative ideas of web designs to your websites. MiniMax is experienced in both mass production websites and also in customized web designs for niches.
  • Multimedia presentation
    MiniMax multimedia creations teamwork is experienced in both 2D and 3D creations. They are able to create professional and creative designs for both marketing and eLearning objectives.
  • Outsourcing
    MiniMax enables its outsourcing partners to be a part from the project by the web based outsourcing/offshoring model, which allows outsourcing clients and partners to keep track of all project management files, design diagrams, releases, peer review reports, test reports and releases. This model helps to maintain quality levels of products and services and reduce development costs
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