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Nile Information Technology & Dissemination (NileIT) is established by MCDR, the national Clearing, Settlement & Depository of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt and other investors.
NileIT is specialized in the area of financial applications, digital signature, security and compliance as well as providing SWIFT managed services. Through partnerships with leading global solution providers, NileIT represents an array of financial applications for the capital market, financial institutions, corporates and government.
NileIT built the first SWIFT service Bureau in Egypt, offering services to over 60 Egyptian and international financial institutions.
NileIT provides network & Internet authentication solutions based on digital certificates for communicating and conducting authenticated business, which is essential for global eTrade.
NileIT provides solutions and services to automate and integrate the roles of different key players in the capital market.
NileIT hosts its applications and services in an ISO27001 certified data center providing a safe and secured environment to all our clients.


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