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Comsys Software

Since 1984 “Comsys Software” has a leading role in providing the market with fully integrated in-house-developed-software Solutions specialized in Hospitality, Retail and ERP through an expert team. Its range of services and solutions encompass all aspects of systems' engineering including requirements, definitions, system development, system integration, documentation and training. Partnering with multi-national top Accounting & Business Consultancy firms has created a strong business knowhow, a wide vision of financial accounting concepts & business audit requirements and an ongoing up-to-date knowledge of their work style and standards. Also Partnering with Microsoft and Oracle has added a great value to Comsys product. Accordingly, the company and its clients have achieved a mutual benefit from this open system approach where in the software connectivity, portability, independence and investment protection are guaranteed. Comsys Software has proven itself in the past 30 years as one of the leaders in the area of tailored software packages due to its ability to write applications from scratch according to customer needs to fulfill their requirements. At Comsys, we are always keen to enable our customers to maximize the return on their investments and to minimize the total cost of ownership.

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