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Alfa Electronics was established in 1987. The company specializes in design and implementation of electronic systems, Embedded Software and Hardware systems, Alfa Electronics’ serves the following market sectors:

  • HOSPITALITY: Energy Saving Systems, Security Equipments, Sound Distribution and Public Address Systems, Access Control Systems, Wireless Waiter Caller, Temperature and humidity displays, Electric panel, Digital Signage, Electronic Menu (E-Menu) and Electronic do not disturb signs.
  • BANKING & PUBLIC SERVICES: Queuing and waiting area management systems, Currency Exchange Boards, Security Equipments and Digital Signage
  • INDUSTRIAL: Ink Jet Industrial Printers, Industrial Control Systems, Monitoring and Large Display Boards, Design Services and Mass Production of Spare and Special Industrial Electronic Boards and Circuits
  • EDUCATIONAL: Educational Electronics Packages, Kits, Lab Facilities, Programmable School Bell, Universal Programmable Controller and School bus indicating system (SCHOOBI).
  • HEALTHCARE: Sound Systems, Queuing/Paging Systems, Nurse Calling Systems, Digital Signage and Queuing system for clinics (Q-clinic).