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4S Technology

4S Technology was established in 1994 to be a one stop shop software house developing core software application for enterprise customers. 4S delivers a full suite of services covering Software development, Consultancy, Implementation, Training and other related services. Our success is validated by our proven track record with over 350 Successful Implementations with several Leading Egyptian companies. With the growing potential of the Middle East for software products, 4S recognizes the importance of penetrating and utilizing the most advanced technologies and that led to our ERP solution. Our mission is to help our clients in navigating through their complex ERP lifecycle. Our industry experience combined with proven delivery methods and tools help our customers chart their course in their ERP journey. Besides the ERP, 4S technology has developed several other products to serve the Real Estate developers by means of 4S Real Estate & 4S CRM. We've recently partnered with Microsoft to serve the customers that needs International ERP like Microsoft Dynamics AX. We're expanding our business in Middle East and Arica.


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