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QEYE is an Egyptian start-up that targets to improve the production quality in many industries such as textile, plastic, paper, packaging and many other industries. QEYE Company uses Machine Vision technology as the backbone of its products where a smart industrial camera plays the role of the human eye in the quality inspection process. QEYE is the leading company in Egypt and MENA that supports products in these fields.
Currently, QEYE is focusing on the textile sector as the quality is badly needed. Spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing are the stages that need quality inspection. QEYE offers two different types of products. The first product detects the defects in the textile such as holes, cuts, different yarn intensity, etc. This product can be installed either on the production lines as Online Solution or on the manual inspection machines as Offline Solution. The second product is dedicated to check the quality of dying. It can differentiate between large scales of colors precisely.
Although, QEYE is focusing on the textile sector, QEYE can serve many other applications related with Machine Vision technology in many fields. QEYE is looking forward for co-operation with some machinery manufacturers to produce complete automated systems with smart quality inspection capabilities.


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