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OFIS SOFT is an Egyptian Software House considering as one of the pioneers and leaders in Egypt & Middle East in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions as well as specially developed and tailoring applications Since 1986. OFIS SOFT is an Oracle Gold Partner. OFIS SOFT has branches in Alexandria ,Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and Libya. Al Motakamel ERP is a very powerful and flexible tool that support the organizations managements allow them to fully control its resources improve productivity and enhance services level that leads to profit maximization and cost minimization. Al Motakamel ERP Solutions developed in WEB techniques , that allow the users according to very powerful effective securities to use the applications from the internet . Al Motakamel ERP Solutions developed by Oracle Native tools and using Oracle Database , that is reflect scalability, stability and effectiveness in manipulating the huge data. Al Motakamel ERP Solutions are total Integrated ERP with its modules that was designed to cover a wide rang of customer requirements such as : industrial, commercial, general services, .....etc.