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EMAK agencies and Trading was established in 1995 as one of ELKharafi Group Companies in EGYPT, specialized in the IT and information technology distribution, acting as a gate for the new technologies from the international manufacturers. We worked hard for the last 10 years to provide the local market with the most advanced, reliable and proper integrated combination of products related to the computer and IT technology. The variety of IT and computer technology related products gives EMAK a wide share in the EGYPTIAN market and the strength to become one of the leaders with a huge number of distributors and resellers all over EGYPT. EMAK is not only concerned with the channel and distribution market but gives a great attention to the SMB, Large accounts business and the large governmental projects. Cooperation with the local computer and IT manufacturers like EMAK for Computer Manufacturing (ECM) takes a great deal in EMAK’s attention, with the huge investments and the advanced technology that you can recognize easily from the unique infrastructure all over the Arab and the African zone.


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