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Member of CIT

Arab Security Consultants (ASC)

ASC was established in March 2007 Initially the company took priority in information technology, staff training and development to guide the company towards industry.


  • CrypTok Secure Login
  • Cryptok PDFEnc
  • Secure Login Suite
  • CrypTok Secure FTP
  • Smart Secure VPN
  • CrypTok File Encryption
  • CrypTok Database Encryption
  • QR Login OTP
  • CrypTok Dual Encryption
  • CrypTok E-mail Security
  • CrypTok Multi user File Encryption
  • Cryptok WordEnc
  • Secure Document Transfer System
  • Document Archiving System
  • Qr Doc Sec
  • Secure Money Transfer-SMT


  • Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Code Audit


  • ASC is the Representative and the exclusive Distributor for EC-Council in Egypt.

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