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*Company Brief : asgatech is a pioneer provider specialized in developing smart-mobile applications and platforms as well as technical services since 2003. From day one, the Company has provided proprietary technical solutions to more than 100 clients. Our client database includes several entities ranging from major international companies, such as Samsung and Microsoft, through leading governmental agencies in UAE, KSA and Egypt, and major national companies, including Extra and Othaim, to carriers in telecommunication industry. Our recent projects include solutions development for the UAE Awqaf Ministry, UAE Financial Market, Egyptian eGovernment, Egyptian elections and KSA Tadawul. In addition to a project for KSA Ministry of Health and other projects for several universities and organizations in KSA. **Products & Services: Developing mobile-devices-based platforms and related applications, such as medical service platform for physicians to be used on tablets, field supervision platform, learning platforms on tablets, etc. Developing smart-mobile applications for organizations and governments to enable new channels to provide their services to employees or citizens. Carrying-out processes related to various-platform integration and technical environment configuration for operability in accordance to SOA. Training and technical consultations in ITIL and SOA fields in addition to smart-mobile application development. ***Contacts: Contact Name: Maged Shaker Asker Title : CEO Mobile : 00201000004234 Email: [email protected] Web: www.asgatech.com