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Teleconnect Contact Center

Established in such competitive environment in 2008 to offer our clients a new concept of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with the latest technological infrastructure along with a full range of professional services . Our clients will find an exceptional & full scope service that will give them all the benefits they need in addition to eliminating all the difficulties that could face them, we offer innovative serves and a state-of-art methods in our solutions. It's a kind of operation that starts &ends at the top of the communication pyramids with all its different aspects. Teleconnect contact center supports widely & a leader provider of outsourcing, in-sourcing & co-sourcing; we have a huge number of services including consultancy, back office solutions, database services, management online business cycles, human resources and training ……….etc. This aspect of the services that can be offered by Teleconnect • Consultancy • Database Service • Back Office Solutions • Recruitment and Training • Payroll Outsourcing Service • Medical Dictation Outsourcing Services • Management Online Business Cycles (CRM, Email & Fax) • Inbound & Outbound customer contact solutions: Customer Service Technical Support Telesales Telemarketing

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